The Hebrew word hitgalut means experiencing a revelation or epiphany, and shares its root with the word, galut, which means exile. In Judaism, this state of yearning for a place to call home, or in more general terms, longing to emerge from a condition, will bring forth heightened spiritual awareness. Hitgalut is the process where divine truths reveal themselves and no place is devoid of divine presence.
My piece, Hitgalut, for Wasteland Ensemble, is structured around an unraveling prayer that keeps reappearing in various disguises. Each new representation of it aims to project a new interpretation of its sacred significance. As the work explores these shifting sonic locations, I wish to divert attention from a search for purpose or system and direct attention to the present moment of communal meditation and spiritual reflection.
WasteLAnd ensemble: Violin - Batya Macadam, Viola - Mark Menzies, Cello - Ashley Waters, Bass - Scott Worthington, Flute - Rachel Beetz, Oboe - Claire Chenette, Clarinet - Brian Walsh, Bassoon - Jon Stehny, French Horn - Adam Wolf, Trombone - Weston Olencki, Trombone - Matt Barbier, Conductor - Nicolas Deyoe.
Video by Keanu Ramos